Strategic Plan

Universal Influenza Vaccine Strategic Plan Summary

The NIAID Universal Influenza Vaccine Strategic Plan synthesizes recommendations from scientists across academia, government, and industry to outline research and resources needed to develop longer-lasting and more broadly protective influenza vaccines. Developing an influenza vaccine that provides durable protection against multiple strains, including those with pandemic potential, is a scientific priority of NIAID.
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Research Areas

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Emergence & Transmission

To advance the understanding of transmission, natural history, and pathogenesis of influenza viral infection, this research area focuses on immune evolution over a lifetime, viral spread between individuals, and host or viral factors contributing to disease severity.

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Immunity & Protection

To precisely characterize influenza immunity and correlates of immune protection, this research area focuses on differences in immune responses to infection and vaccines, identifying markers of immune protection, and improving assays to measure these to develop broad-spectrum vaccines.

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Vaccine Innovation & Development

To support influenza research discoveries, design, and development of a universal influenza vaccine, this research area focuses on evaluating antigen design strategies, vaccine platforms, adjuvants, and various methodologies to create vaccines with longer-lasting protection.